Dustin Thomas


Costume Designer

My personal motto:

"Never be afraid to do the "impossible". That is the only way history is made."                                                                                   

    My Story

    My name is Dustin Thomas and I am a designer based out of Daingerfield, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri. I have a passion for creating beauty in a world that so desperately needs it and lending my creative vision to both stage and screen. I started my career in Tyler, Texas obtaining my associate degree in theatre from Tyler Junior College. In my time I acted as the costume designer for the Tyler Junior College Academy of Dance, played many roles both on and off stage for Theatre TJC, and served a term as president of Las Mascaras, the oldest active organization the the Tyler Junior College campus. After graduating in 2019, I transitioned to the Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University where I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Costume Design in the Spring of 2022.While at Webster I served as the costume designer for "Revolt. She said. Revolt again." and "Amelie".I also acted in numerous technician roles such as a draper, stitcher and wardrobe supervisor.  I am a proud LGBTQ+ Latine designer who was raised on the principles of compassion, humility and community. Art is meant to be lived and art is meant to be felt.


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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